We are helping our customers to find the right investment in Europe. From property development to finance and insurance services,
we work right across Europe (mainly in the EU) in different sectors and markets. We understand that property investment is not one
size fits all business. We tailor our services and provide proven strategies for our clients to help them grow a healthy portfolio.

Our services are:

* Property development in Germany, Greece and EU-Cyprus

* Commercial & residential real estate services in CH, D, F, I, GR and CY

* Insurance services in Germany and Greece

* Office services in Germany and Greece

Our Investment Fields are:

  1. Commercial real estate investments
  2. Exclusive residential real estate properties
  3. Property development in Europe
  4. Construction of Retirement homes (Active Senior Greece)
  5. Construction of Vacation houses and villages
  6. Planning and construction of camping villages
  7. Property Management allover in Greece

Supporting Services: Construction, Tax & Legal, Insurance, Finance & Property management. Leading investments in Greece
and the global marketplace. If you are looking for unusual or unique property, let us know. Contact us today and we will consult
you about everything you need to know. You can contact us for a private showing in any of following languages: English, Greek
and German.

We have all kinds of properties in mediation: houses, villas, bungalows, apartments, flats, plots, shops, hotels, shopping malls,
office buildings and more. Let us know what you are looking for and we will find it for you. Contact us: info@arzumanidis.com
or mobile/whatsapp: +49 177 5255715

For confidentiality reasons it is not possible to present all offered properties in our webpage. Please contact us via telephone
number: +30 210 2724446

Are you interested to cooperate with us? Submit your idea in our team. Have a great idea? Can we work together to bring it
to the next level? We want to hear from you. Simply fill out your information and we’ll be in touch.

Ask for more information today: +44 20 80 900 984 or send us your enquiry: info@arzumanidis.com

We are happy to respond to any of your queries.