New traditional Energy saving houses in Naxos - Cyclades.

On a large plot of 4,400 m², we are building 3 Energy houses
(1 Semi-detached house with total living area of 100 m²) plus
2 town houses with a living total area of 100 m² (2 x 50 m²)
and a proportionate plot of 600 m² each.

Naxos Town is 41,5 km away. From the property that presents
a sea view towards Paros.

The Airport of Naxos is ca. 46,5 km, the Harbour of Naxos is
ca. 41,5 km away. Next sandy beach of St. George beach is
ca. 41,5 km. The island of Naxos has a size of 389,43 km².

Price: Total investment for 2 new build Eneergy saving
houses + 1 new build Semi-detached house of total
200 m² (4 houses) living area: EUR 470,000 plus
transfer tax and legal expenses.

If you are interested to build more living area, you can
apply for 445 m² living area = total project for 2 houses
+ 1 Semi-detached house on this plot in Naxos.

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